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We provide Project Management consulting services to all types of businesses.  We are PMP certified through Project Management Institute and follow PMI Best Practices.  PMI is the world’s most respected and sought after Project Management standard.  We have successfully completed dozens of complex projects for our clients in various sectors and industries.

This page provides a brief overview of our methodology and services.

The word project comes from the Latin word “projectum”, meaning “before an action”.

What exactly is a project?

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.  It is designed to accomplish a singular goal.  A project is unique in that it is not a routine, ongoing operation.

Projects are often used to build something or improve something.

Project requirements are defined by Stakeholders (i.e., anyone who has an interest in the outcome of your project). This may include your customers, executives, sponsors and members of the project team. It is important to identify and include your stakeholders early in the project. Your project's success depends on it!

Projects typically consider the following knowledge areas (we work with you and your stakeholders in developing these):

  • Scope Management – Defining the list of specific project goals, deliverables, features and functions to meet your Stakeholders requirements.
  • Schedule Management – Defining tasks that need to be performed to produce your deliverables, including their sequence, duration and required resources .
  • Cost Management – Estimating, funding and controlling finances so that your project can be completed within the approved budget.
  • Quality Management – Ensuring that all deliverables defined in the project Scope meet the needs of your customers and are “fit for use.”
  • Resources Management – Defines the type and quantity of skills, materials, equipment, services and facilities needed to produce your deliverables.
  • Risk Management – A proactive approach to identify, analyze and develop response plans to risk factors that may affect your project.

Communications and Stakeholder Management are also key considerations. For your project we can develop a Communications Plan that defines the type and format of the ongoing project details provided to the stakeholders and can customize communications for each type of stakeholder (executives, customers, etc.).

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Systems IntegrationData Center MigrationService Management (ITIL)
Process ImprovementNetwork Design and UpgradesBackup and Disaster Recovery
Business AnalysisSecurity AuditsSoftware and Database Development
Business Analytics
Statistical AnalysisExecutive Reporting and Dashboards


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TelecommunicationsFinancial ServicesHospitality
Medical ResearchHealthcareGovernment


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